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2007 Topics & Speakers

Interesting South 2007 (or Version One Point Oh!) took place on November 22 at the Bondi Pavillion.


A huge thank you to the guys at Precinct for their fabulous filming and editing. And to pureprofile for their big, glossy hosting.

  • The Well-Tempered Personal Environment: Chucking social software at your local energy sources, giving you a personal energy profile, which can then be aggregated to your street, your mates, your neighbourhood, your region, your city etc.
  • How to Make a Zombie: In three minutes, Matt will bring together b-movies, dr Karl, the plasticity of human nature, & Crypropharmacology. There will be an opportunity to put theory into practice in a follow-on session
  • Smalltown Australia: For the last 2 and a half years Martin has been traveling through smalltown Australia capturing photographically what he believes to be a mostly overlooked perspective of our regional areas. He doesn’t believe that Australians have comfortably settled into their environment and from this he senses a yearning for place. Along with the Author Tim Winton he is creating a photographic book and exhibition of this topic.
  • Open Arms and Open Homes: A discussion on reclaiming hope in humanity in the digital age, using social networking websites to create real world change
  • What is this thing called Happiness?: Dolly Parton once said “Smile – it increases your face value”. So, what is this thing called happiness? Who gets it? And why do you want it?
    • Dr Adrienne Withall Primary Dementia Collaborative Research Centre, a.withall[at]unsw[dot]edu[dot]au
    • Click here to see video
    • picture-21.png
  • On Dork-bot Sydney: a diverse range of people doing strange things with electricity, from home made enthusiasts, professionals and artists, that meet regularly to celebrate the wonders of electricity
  • What is Green?: Trying to explain things to people who speak your language, but live in another universe – things you learn teaching kids who can’t see.
  • What is Fairtrade and Why Should We Bother?
  • Moose dancing: Combine -30C in the wilds of Alaska, two hearty huskies, a one-way ski trail and a lonely she-moose
  • Speaking the world into being: I’m a little obsessed by the way language creates the world we experience, and shapes our thinking and actions. Yet our relationship to language is like a fish to water – we don’t know we’re in it….
  • It’s Not Rocket Surgery: Ideas on sustainabilty without the weasel words:
  • The Secret Life of Tango
  • Looking Through the Eyes of a Child: To get a different perspective we are often advised to “look through the eyes of a child”. But what if you could? A fascinating look at Gavin’s own life through the photos of his four year old daughter
  • Beyond Body Language: new paradigms for listening and speaking, and for interpreting the richness of the human voice.
  • Sex workers providing services to clients with a disability
    • Rachel Wotton, Integrated Sex Industry Solutions Consultancy and Training Specialist(ISIS CATS)
    • Click here to see video
    • sex.png
  • Taking it to the Streets: Exploring varying levels of authenticity and activism in the Australian urban environment
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