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We’ve been nominated…

How sweet is this: Interesting South has been nominated for a Sydney, Music, Arts & Culture Award, under the category “Best Collective”. The awards are run by Sydney’s independent, community-based radio station, FBi and Time Out.

We’d love your support. It involves just a few mouse clicks and voters are entered in a draw for some great stuff.

Just hit the SMAC logo, below, to vote and get more info. Interesting South appears at the bottom of the page…
Vote For Me in the 2009 SMAC Awards

Good cause…

We wanted to share a note received from Sarah Garnett, founder of the Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library.

I received today a cheque for $456 being a donation from Interesting South to The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library – what a great surprise that was! Thanks so much! …
Your donation will help us with ongoing expenses like getting some of our own ideas up and running to promote The Footpath Library.

Thanks again,
All the best
Sarah Garnett
The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library

Typically we film Interesting South, but as the ABC filmed the latest event, we cancelled our own crew and wound up in the black (we aim to be neither black nor red, but positively neutral…if that makes sense).

As a result around $1,500 was split between 3 charities – The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library, Mission Australia’s early learning initiatives and Kiva.  All chosen because in different ways, they’re all about spreading ideas.

IS relies on it’s community to make things work – speakers (who do it for the love of their topic), organisers (who do it for the love of sharing ideas) and the audience (who pay in terms of time and ticket money) – so the note’s really to all these people.


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