Interesting South

Interesting people. Interesting ideas. An evening of interestingness.

Thanks to everyone…

for taking part in last evening’s 3rd Interesting South.  What a night!

I’ll write up more a little later (I’m clearing the car out of extension chords, a bell, a few left over bananas and mugs…) but really wanted to mention Tim Buesing and Lukasz Karluk of Holler.  A number of people commented after the break on their clever work, which was on display in the bar area.  Facing their TV monitors you could be instantly transformed into Ziggy Stardust…or a have a digital set of street-smart headphones magically dropped on your head.  The work was called Face OFF and the guys have done lots of other stuff that meld people into technology.

But Patrick Hofmann’s right: why talk in words, when seeing stuff is so much better! Here’s a Vimeo link to some of their other work!

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  Melina wrote @

hey, how often is Interesting held? and how many peeps rocked along to Interesting 3?

  perpetualcuriosity wrote @

Hi Melina,
We’ve had the event once a year, although this may change. All the organisers are volunteers. 365 people attended IS3 (full house).

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